Psalm 91 as a prayer against pestilence (COVID-19)

In this age of Coronavirus, Ebola, HIV-1, and SARS - in which there is no known absolute cure for any of them - in science. There is one known cure for all of them in the Bible.

Psalm 91, I think, is one of the most important chapters in the Bible, especially in this age - this age of diseases. Twice in this Psalm it mentions a deadly pestilence. It mentions that GOD WILL DELIVER YOU FROM A DEADLY PESTILENCE, AND YOU WILL NOT FEAR THE DEADLY PESTILENCE. I do not think there is a better prayer in this age, or any other age, than Psalm 91.

Can you imagine living a life of not having to fear a deadly disease or the other major problems listed in this Psalm?

I have written before, I know mass prayer by many people will cure any disease, stop a war, take care of a bad situation, save lives, etc. But I know it's hard to get thousands or millions of people to pray en masse on a subject. So the next best thing is to protect yourself and your family from a bad situation.

To do this you have to make yourself right with God, you can't just come out of nowhere and pray "end the Coronavirus, Lord" and expect it to happen. First, turn your life over to Jesus, ask Him to forgive you of all of your sins, declare you want Jesus in your life, declare He is the Son of God. Go off in a corner someplace and recite this prayer:

"Jesus, forgive my sins,
Come into my life and guide me,
I know You are the Son of God,
The only Son of God,
And that You died for my sins,
And that You rose again to life eternal
And that through You,
My sins are forgiven
So that I too may have eternal life
In the Kingdom of God
In the Kingdom of Heaven
Please come into my life
And guide me, Jesus"

Now, forgive the sins of anyone who has sinned against you - obey the Ten Commandments - pray and read the Bible every day. When you feel you are right with God, then pray for the protection of you and your family, include Psalm 91 in your prayers.

If possible memorize Psalm 91 and recite it at least twice a day, in the Am and Pm. I know this sounds like a lot to do, but itís really not that much, once you get into the swing of it. And believe me the payoff is worth it. When you pray Psalm 91, you are taking Godís Word that He will protect you from any deadly pestilence, snares, scourges, terrors, destruction, wild beasts, etc., there will be no fear of them. The last 3 verses (14,15, and 16) is God Himself talking to all of us.

If you do not have a Bible, get one soon. Until then, here is Psalm 91. Recite it, believe it, memorize it if you can.

   1    You who live in the shelter
           Of the Most High,
         Who abide in the shadow
           Of the Almighty,
   2    will say to the Lord, ďMy
           Refuge and my fortress;
         My God , in whom I trust,Ē
   3    For He will deliver you from
           The snare of the fowler
         And from the deadly
   4   He will cover you with His
       And under His wings you
           Will find refuge;
       His faithfulness is a shield
           And buckler.
   5   You will not fear the terror
           Of the night,
       Or the arrow that flies by
   6   or the PESTILENCE that stalks
           In darkness
       Or the destruction that
           Wastes at noonday.
   7   A thousand may fall at your
       Ten thousand at your right 
       But it will not come near you.
   8   You will only look with your
        And see the punishment of
           The wicked
   9   Because you have made the 
           Lord your refuge,
        The Most High your
           Dwelling place,
  10   no evil shall befall you,
           No scourge come near your
  11   For He will command His
           Angels concerning you
         To guard you in all your
  12   On their hands they will bear
           You up,
         So that you will not dash
           Your foot against a 
  13   You will tread on the lion
           And the adder, 
         The young lion and the 
          Serpent you will
          Trample under foot.
  14   Those who love Me, I will
         I will protect those who
           Know My Name
  15    When they call to Me, I will
           Answer them;
         I will be with them in
         I will rescue them and
           Honor them,
  16   With long life I will satisfy
         And show them My

If this prayer seems a little too long to memorize, write it down on paper and carry it with you. When you pray this Psalm tell God you are praying it over your family, over the United States of America, and over Israel. (Always pray for Israel).

If your heart is right with God, you now have His Word He will protect you from the deadly pestilence.

One last thing, now that you are protected from pestilence, do not tempt God to prove it by putting yourself somewhere in a coronavirus environment without the usual protection. Remember what God did to those in the desert, when they tempted Him, in the books of Moses. Just live your normal life. Be safe, believe in Godís Word, and you will be OK.

God Bless You

By George Konig

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