Christian poetry
Witnessing for Jesus

Night after night in bed I lie
And listen to the trains as they go by
The sound of the whistle gives me a thrill
To see what's on the other side of the hill

Look up at the moon and the star-filled sky
Get me a plane and away I will fly
Find me a ship and stoke up the steam
To travel the world would be a dream

Here comes a diesel; a ticket I'll buy
And circle the earth under God's blue sky
From childhood up that's the way I felt
But I'll play the hand that I was dealt

There's more to life than meets the eye
And whatever He asks I will comply
No time to retire and set in the sun
It's fun to dream but there is work to be done

He never sinned once; it was His will to die
For me He gave His life to be crucified
One day on the cross He removed my sin
Then He rose again the battle to win

All that's inside me I will apply
To work for Him until I die
To those who are lost I will campaign
To bring them to Jesus and be born again

If you listen my friend you can hear their cry
The millions who want to qualify
To pull themselves up from that sinful rut
To open the door they think is shut

Take all the gold on earth and you cannot buy
A tiny piece of that heavenly pie
Believing in Jesus is the only way
To know His laws and to obey

He will remove your sin, do not be shy
Ask Jesus to help and He will occupy
Your heart, emotions, and your life
And kill the flesh that's causing you strife

There is none more important than the One up high
It's Jesus you need to edify
A few simple words is all it takes to commit
A new way of life that will benefit

"Jesus come into my life and rectify
The wrongs I have done without alibi
Forgive all the sins I have committed
Everything that Your Commandments prohibited"

"You are the Son of God I cannot deny
Fill me with Your Spirit to purify
Give me Your promises and Your Grace
I'm tired of running the Devil's race"

Say the above words and do not lie
And He will be there to sanctify
The only requirement is to believe
And Christ will stay with you; He will never leave

And now my friend on you I rely
To witness to others and testify
The harvest is great and the laborers few
And the help I need will come from you

by George Konig

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