Christian poetry
My Psalm

My Lord, my God

You who created the earth, and every living thing
A universe so vast, it's beyond understanding

Who created lofty mountains, and thundering seas
The mustard seed, and the majestic trees

Who lived in a cloud by day, and fire by night
And appeared to Paul, as a blinding light

Who spoke to Your friend Moses, face to face
And sat above the Ark, in that Holy place

Who knows every bird, that's alive or dead
Or the number of hairs, upon my head

Who knit me together, in my mother's womb
Whose words bring joy, in days of gloom

No matter where I am, You hear my prayer
And keep me free, of the Devil's snare

Because of You Lord, I have no fear
In the valley of death, I know You're near

I can walk the streets, in the dark of night
And not be afraid, of depth or height

When weapons are formed, I will call on Thee
And quench the flaming darts, brought against me

I feel like Caleb, in my advancing age
Bring on the enemy, and I'll engage

My eternal life, is within Your Hand
And it will not be taken away, by any man

I am not moved, by what I feel or see
It is only Your Word Lord, that will move me

by George Konig

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