Christian poetry
Thank You Lord

I thank You Lord for all the blessings
   That You stowed upon me
I thank You Lord for my beautiful wife
   And my family

I thank You for my health and strength
   And my happy home
For living free in a land so vast
   With plenty of space to roam

I thank You Lord for all Your gifts
   When I kneel to pray
And with You there beside me
   I'll make it through the day

I thank You Lord for all the times
   I almost went astray
You guided me back on the narrow path
   And led me on the way

There are many temptations in this life
   And desires that could take hold
But I know You are my Shepherd Lord
   And I'll never leave Your fold

I thank You for all Your timely help
   In all those days of strife
But I thank You Lord most of all
   For Your gift of eternal life

by George Konig

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