Christian poetry
The Search

This is a story
Of an average life
With a little bit of fun
And a little bit of strife

About looking and searching
For peace of mind
There is a message here
Please don't close your mind

When the maturing is over
And you leave the nest
You will discover
That life is a test

Seventy years on earth
Is not the big sell
It's where you spend eternity
Either heaven or hell

So read this story
And take heed my friend
To follow the instructions
Close to the end

When I got out of high school
My father said to me
"Why don't you go to college
And see what you can be"

"Dad, I don't have the time
There's too much to see"
So with my parents' consent
I joined the Navy

I ended up an airdale
On aircraft carriers three:
The Roosevelt, the Wasp
And the Coral Sea

We left Florida one day
On quite a feat
A cruise around the world
With the NATO fleet

Over thirty days we cruised
Without sight of land
Then in Scotland we anchored
To the tune of a pipe band

England is quite a place
The weather is foggy
The beer is warm
And makes you groggy

The Rock of Gibraltar
And the blue Mediterranean Sea
Is a sight to remember
It made an impression on me

Marseille and Cannes
And the French Riviera
The people are rich
The girls are fair

Paris is a town
Where anything goes
The natives are wild
You've got to stay on your toes

The beer party in Sicily
Was quite a treat
Don't ever climb a palm tree
In your bare feet

The nation of Italy
Is the place to be
Taranto and Naples
And the Isle of Capri

Saint Peter's of Rome
Is the most magnificent of all
The Sistine Chapel, the statues
The paintings on the wall

Greece is quite beautiful
As is Athens at night
When the Parthenon is lit up
It is really a sight

I had a good time
In the town of Beirut
It was beautiful then
Now it's ashes and soot

Lebanon and Syria
Were sights to adore
Arabian nights, sunshine
And belly dancers galore

Set a quick course
For Indochina my friend
There seems to be a fracas
That will never end

The Legion is leaving
The French are on the lam
Later it become known
As South Vietnam

Let's sail further east
To Korea we'll go
There's a war going on
We'll give them a show

With Singapore on the left
And Sumatra on the right
We sailed through the straights
Into the dark of the night

The equator was hot
And the sun blazing bold
The ceremony for the crossing
Was a sight to behold

King Neptune and the Royal Court
And all the king's men
Initiated the Pollywogs
Into Shellbacks again

The Philippines were in view
Through the humid heat
We saw what was left
Of the old Japanese fleet

Hong Kong, Aberdeen
And that exotic harbor
Sampans and Junks
And "buy a suit for a dollar"

We sailed to Pusan
In Korea one day
But the war was now over
No more hell to pay

In Japan it was Yokosuka
And Tokyo of course
And I rode to Mount Seizing
On the back of a horse

The Pacific was beautiful
Its waters are vast
Pearl Harbor was a reminder
Of the dreadful past

In San Diego we anchored
The cruise came to an end
Thirteen months at sea
Is a long time my friend

But the adventure continued
The excitement didn't fade
As a sailor or civilian
There were more trips to be made

Port Au Prince, Haiti
The heat and the booze
The bum boats and the donkeys
It's time for a snooze

Montreal and Three Rivers
The town of Quebec
They are nice in the summer
But the winter is heck

Cancun in Mexico
By the Caribbean Sea
The temples of Yucatan
Are something to see

The crown jewels of Sweden
In old Stockholm city
The food is fantastic
The girls are so pretty

Viking ships and castles
In little Denmark
The mermaid of Copenhagen
And Tivoli Park

The emerald isle of Ireland
Is a deep hue of green
The taverns of Dublin
Are really a scream

While back in America
We also made the tour
We visited thirty-nine states
And maybe more

New England is the most beautiful
In the fall of the year
The South is the place to be
When winter is here

Nevada and California
Where earthquakes can be felt
But we made a decision
To live in the Rust Belt

Niagara Falls is a sight
And so is Mount Rushmore
Boston and Philly
And old Baltimore

Miami and Memphis
And Jacksonville Beach
(I met my wife there
She's really a peach)

Natchez and Mobile
And the Arch of St. Louie
New Orleans, Indianapolis
And even Milwaukee

Disney World and Denver
The Rockies and Chicago
Atlantic City, the Badlands
Augusta and San Diego

The Smokies, the Ozarks
Laramie and Birmingham
The Mississippi, Missouri
Little Rock and Cheyenne

Rapid City, Jersey City
And Michigan City too
Cape Cod, Des Moines
D.C. and Kalamazoo

All of them beautiful
And there were many more
Some day I will sit down
And add up the score

Las Vegas was a blast
Nashville was fun
But the best place of all
Is New York City by gum

Brooklyn and Manhattan
And buildings so tall
And the world financial center
On a street called Wall

Forty-Second Street, Broadway
The Statue of Liberty
By day or night
It's a sight to see

I was born and raised there
And know it to the letter
But for raising a family
Indiana is far better

Now the kids are grown
So grab your coat
Let's head for the coast
And hop another boat

It would be nice to be rich
And do a world tour
And see all the countries
We haven't seen before

There's something missing in life
That gives you rest
And I'm going to find it
Whether it's east or west

I kept looking and searching
For that peace of mind
Until that day
In May 1989
It was then that I found Jesus
He was near me all the time

I received a message from Him
Although His voice I did not hear
It came through the heart
And I knew He was near

"George you traveled the world pretty good
For an average guy
But it's just a drop in the ocean
For what's up in the sky

"Your home is not on earth
You're just passing through
Look up to the Heavens
And see what I have for you

"There are many mansions here
For all of God's children
Some day you will be living
In the New Jerusalem

"Where the streets and the buildings
Are made of gold that is clear
And the gates never close
Since there's nothing to fear

"There will be no pain or death
And I'll wipe away every tear
And I will be dwelling with you
I'll be very near

"Listen to me George
I have a job for you
Time is getting short
Here is what I want you to do

"Read the book I wrote
The Bible by name
Then read it again
Again and again

"You will begin to understand
Little by little
My prophecies and promises
Every jot and tittle

"I want you to witness for me
And bring My sheep in the fold
Don't be so timid
Stand up and be bold

"Forget about your lifestyle
Or what you will say
Remember I'll be with you
Every step of the way

"There are millions who are lost
And if you only knew
How great is the harvest
While the laborers are few

"Now Satan is angry
And he will attack
He had you and lost you
And he wants you back

"Your family and finances
Will nearly come apart
But hold faith as a shield
To quench his fiery dart

"Now witness for Me
In any way you can
If you can't speak it, then write it
In your own hand

"Then pass it around
For everyone to see
And I will tug at their hearts
To bring them to me

"Tell them, all sins will be forgiven
They have done in the past
There is nothing too minor
And nothing too vast

"Some of My servants
In the days of yore
Were forgiven their sins
Whether rich or poor

"Peter was a tough guy
He cursed and he swore
He denied me three times
While I was at Satan's door

"Paul thoroughly approved
To kill Christians for sport
Before he spread the Gospel
In every Mediterranean port

"King David killed a man
In lust for his wife
And he took a bad census
That caused Israel much strife

"Jacob cheated his brother
To get his birthright
Then became Israel himself
Almost over night

"All these men are forgiven
Whether Gentile or Jew
And if I can forgive them
I will forgive you

"I formed babies in the womb
Their flesh and bones I do knit
But the abortionists kill My creation
However they see fit

"For the cowards, the unfaithful
The unchaste and sorcerers
The murderers, idol worshippers
The depraved and the liars

"To the burning pit of sulfur
Is where they will go
Where there is gnashing of teeth
And plenty of woe

"But I will forgive every sin
If they come to Me
And protect them with the blood
I shed at Calvary"

That was the Lord's message
And I think it's about time
To pass this along to you
Before His Second Coming sign

Now if there is something missing
In your life as was with mine
Then turn your life over to Jesus
And things will be fine

The philosophies of all men
Aren't worth a dime
Look to no one but Jesus
You are the branch, He is the vine

Give your life to Jesus
Don't put it on the line
Giving Holy things to depraved men
Is like giving pearls to swine

Now I started thinking about the evil
That's in the world today
And I said to Lord Jesus
"Where is the fair play?"

"They abort your little babies
And curse Your name
They mock and deride You
And it gives me a pain

"They lie, cheat and steal
Sins of the flesh they perform
Some do not know You
And some are lukewarm

"False gods do they worship
Your commandments they break
Without the slightest idea
Their eternal life is at stake

"The anger that's inside me
Is hard to ignore
Because I know these are the people
That You died for

"Someday You will ride out of Heaven
On a white horse
And show Satan and his buddies
Who's really the boss

"And somewhere in that army
That will be following You
I hope you can find a place
for an ex-sailor or two

"And we can help You cleanse the earth
And make things new
And prepare for that Holy City
With its sparkling hue

"But until that day comes, Lord
I will intercede
To save these poor people
From Satan's mislead"

Now to reserve a place in Heaven
Sometime today
Here are the words
I would like you to say:

"Lord Jesus, forgive me my sins
I know I am a sinner
Please come into my life
And make me a winner

"Use my body as your Temple
Don't ever leave
Give me the comfort
I so desperately need

"You are my Savior
There will be no other one
At Calvary, You fought Satan
And it was You who won

"The Son of the Living God
Are You I am sure
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit
Give me a spiritual cure"

Now confess the above words
With meaning my friend
And you will have heavenly bliss
That will never end

When you hear Jesus knock
Open the door
And you will have a better life
Than you lived before

And now good people
To end this report
I want you to hear
My final thought

Be very careful
In what you say
Be very careful
In what you do
There is a big eye
That's up in the sky
And the eye of God
Is watching you

by George Konig

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