Christian poetry
The Frustrated Poet

I take a pen, to write a poetic sensation
But inspiration, it seems, is on a vacation
I wait and I wait, but I wait in frustration
Hoping that soon, I will fulfill this vocation

But right now there is not, one ounce of stimulation
My mind is overworked, and I'm close to suffocation
Waiting to receive, that astounding communication
If I wait any longer, I will become vegetation

Then I saw a Bible, and felt a sensation
I opened the pages, and found inspiration
Only there could I find, Heaven-sent quotations
That I could write about, and put into circulation

The most important thing in life, is to receive your salvation
Come to Jesus now, before the seven-year tribulation
When you pass on to the next world, there'll be a separation
Between Heaven and Hell, and this is not speculation

Do not get caught up, in a compromising situation
In Hell there is extreme pain, but in Heaven, elation
So pass on to the good people, in this civilization
To get right with God, before His great aggravation

Disasters and wars, will increase with acceleration
The earth will be shaken, to the roots of its foundation
And when Jesus returns, there will be massive relocation
And all this will be seen, by the final generation

Listen to Jesus, and to His proclamation
Obey the Lord's commandments, stay away from deviation
Do not practice anything, that the Bible calls an abomination
Keep yourself clean, be ready for sanctification

The inspiration disappeared, after its summation
And I'm left sitting here, in utter frustration
How does one warn people, in this wonderful nation
Of the oncoming turmoil, in the Book of Revelation?

The end times are near, but while in this peaceful duration
I will do my best, to make this stipulation
Do not listen to Satan, he's the father of fabrication
Stick to God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
                            That Heavenly Combination

by George Konig

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