Mass Prayer vs COVID-19

I feel I have to write about something that's bothered me since this coronavirus (COVID-19) took over the world.

All of the politicians, doctors, newscasters, etc., that broadcast on TV about what bad shape America and the rest of the world are in right now, and how it will get worse, and the cure for the virus is about one year away. How tens of thousands will die in the coming months, etc. But I haven't heard from these TV people – to pray to the one person who could end this virus right now. I'm speaking of God Himself.

I would like to see the politicians, doctors and newscasters have the guts to come right out and say, "This problem is too big to solve in the near future, if you want to stop the death toll, of having to live six-feet apart, of isolating yourself in your home, of not going to work or school, then pray to God to rid the earth from the virus."

I know mass prayer does work. I've seen it work in 1953 when 50 Navy pilots and crew member lives were saved in the "Marina Miracle." I know of church groups that held mass prayer sessions during World War II to have their members who were fighting in the war to come home safe, and not one of their members died in the war, even in cases where much of their company was wiped out. I've seen prayer work in curing cancer and other sickness, and even seen births of children under huge circumstances come about through prayer. I've seen prayer work in saving lives, including my own, in the steel mill where I worked for 32 years.

It's time we get back to a life with God and maybe this is what the virus is all about, to get us back to a life with God – to pray to Him, make Him the center of our lives, take care of our families – and get rid of all this liberal crap of the “me” generation, abortions, removing God from schools, meetings, written materials, etc.

If you are a Christian, then act like one – pray everyday – not just a 10-second prayer of "Please, Lord, end the virus" - but pray for a long period of time to end the virus – end the death toll here in America and throughout the world. When you think of it throughout the day, pray to end the virus.

It wouldn't hurt to send emails and letters to your senators, representatives and TV stations not to be a bunch of chickens, and not to be afraid to mention God and prayer on TV.

If enough of us do this – mass prayer – this virus would end now.

God Bless You

By George Konig

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