27% of the Bible is Prophecy

A few years ago I talked to a Catholic priest who went through years of training to become a priest, and he came to believe all Bible prophecy was a bunch of fables, he did not believe that they happened. We also received an E-mail a short while ago from a Protestant minister, asking how many prophecies are contained in the Bible. It seems that this person, although an ordained minister, never studied any Bible prophecy in the seminary.

How can any priest or minister lead a church and disregard 27 percent of the Bible verses? And how can any Christian denomination not include 27 percent of the Bibleís contents in its seminary teachings? To answer that ministerís question, the following is taken out of Grant Jeffrey's book "The Signature of God".

"The Bible contains 1,817 individual predictions concerning 737 separate subjects found in 8,352 verses. These numerous predictions comprise 27 percent of the 31,124 verses in the whole of the Scriptures. Multitudes of Biblical scholars over the last 2000 years have explored many of these prophecies and their detailed fulfillments, as proven by ample historical evidence."

We have listed many prophecies in this site and our other two sites - 100prophecies.org, and AboutBibleProphecy.com, showing in detail how each was fulfilled. Our purpose for doing this is to prove to you the Bible speaks the truth, that it is the true Word of God, and that once you understand all these prophecies and how they were actually fulfilled, all doubt will leave your mind as to the authenticity of the Bible. These fulfilled prophecies should bring you to realize God is still sitting on the throne and calling the shots.

The reason God's Book is 27 percent prophecy is to bring you to Him, by showing you things that He foretold centuries before their fulfillment, such as Ezekielís prophecy on the rebirth of Israel, which miraculously took place in May 1948, and many others that can be proven by history. He wants you in His fold before His end-time predictions take place, and many of those are being fulfilled right now.

These end-time predictions are not too pretty, and I believe that they should be presented to the congregations of all Christian churches to prepare you for the wrath that is coming.

The good news is that none of us have to go through that wrath if we turn our lives over to, and accept, Jesus Christ as our Savior. It only takes a minute to do this, to admit that you are a sinner, that you cannot earn salvation on your own, and that you need Jesus to give you the gift of salvation by having faith in Jesus.

By George Konig
Christian Internet Forum
Aug. 31, 2003

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