Scientific Facts against Evolution

The Christian does not have to shrink away from science in dealing with the Bible, because, there is overwhelming evidence in support of the Genesis account of Creation.

The following is taken from the booklet "Special Creation vs. Evolution" by Edward F. Blick.

" We know that evolution abandons the rules of logic...We also know that scientific facts and evidence are against evolution. For example:

Genetics - Evolutionists have been trying for years to cross-mutate between genetic kinds, without any success. In fact, genetic material is not progressively more abundant in the higher species, as previously supposed. For example, a toad has more genetic material than man, some small invertebrates have more chromosomes than man, etc. yet if evolution were true one would expect just the opposite.

Fossil Record - Paleontologists have recognized that the "transitional gaps" between different species are further apart now than ever, and this happens with more and more fossil evidence available. For example, Archaeopteryx, which was once thought to be half bird and half reptile, is now recognized as being 100 percent bird, and warm-blooded (it had feathers). The famous horse series with supposed evolution of fewer toes has no corresponding pattern in numbers of ribs - rib numbers (pairs) change at random. Furthermore, Eohippus may have been a large rodent! All the so-called missing links between man and ape have now been recognized as completely either man or ape (or fraud). Thus, the gaps are now wider than ever between kinds.

Biology - The old concept of similar embryos of different species has been thoroughly discredited. In fact, the recapitulation theory has been demonstrated by many scholars to be wrong, and is neither convincing nor even interesting to modern biologists.

Radioactive dating - This has been demonstrated to be very unreliable, because of the many assumptions made assuming a prior proof of evolution. In addition, the ranges of ages given by radioactive methods are so variable as to make a guessing game out of the dating game. Examples: Real live clams, dated as dead for 3000 years; live hardwood trees, dated as 10,000 years old; Archeologists have felt that carbon-14 dating is "archeologically unacceptable", Lava flows not yet 200 years old have been dated over again at up to 3,000,000,000 years old; And on and on...

Physics - The second Law of Thermodynamics simply states that evolution is impossible. This law has been proven over and over again, in open and closed systems, and shows that all processes go to a greater state of randomness. How, then, can the random chances of evolution produce increasing complexity (less randomness)? Evolution would try to have us believe that the scientific law is a farce!

Mathematical Probability - If we are ignorant of the second Law of Thermodynamics, then we can compute the probability of forming, accidentally, a protein molecule of only one hundred components (it takes at least four hundred to even be considered "life-like"). If we try one hundred chances of combination a billion times in each second of time, for every second of 30 billion years (supposed age of the universe) we still do not have enough chances to assure producing one fractional protein molecule. What, then, about the millions of different life forms? No way, even if the Second Law of Thermodynamics could be neutralized, which it cannot be.

Astronomy - Astronomers have found the same basic building blocks of matter at one end of the universe as the opposite end. This, they admit, resembles manufactured items, with no chance of these ever forming by accident, and then getting distributed throughout the universe. Other problems come from the earths magnetic field decay (implying a young age of earth), the life of comets and their formation, expansion of the universe, etc.

Evolution is a philosophy that has its believers, and it require religious-type faith. It requires great faith because of the scientific evidence that bears heavily against it. Remember, people believed in a flat earth despite scientific evidence for a long time, until some people staked their lives and survival on that evidence. "

By George Konig

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