Phony Missing Links of Evolution

Of all the findings of the so-called "missing links" there hasn't been one proven as a real missing link yet, either human or animal. In the book "Creation & Evolution 101" written by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, they give several examples of how the wool was pulled over the publics eyes in trying to prove evolution.

" If the theory of Darwinism is correct then you would expect to find many "transitional" life-forms as one species "evolves" into another. Darwinists have touted several fossils as being proof that transitional forms exist. On further examination, however, the touting was premature.

Archaeopteryx - First discovered in 1861, eight specimens of Archaeopteryx have appeared in the fossil record from the Jurassic period. Darwinists cited it as an example of the "transitional" evolutionary step from lizards to birds. It had wings and feathers but also had teeth (unlike any modern bird), a long lizard-like tail, and claws on its wings. But a combination of features doesn’t necessarily mean it was transitional. The combination of structures could be "intermediate" without the creature being transitional. (Consider the duck-billed platypus. Although it has a bill like a duck and fur like a mammal, it has never been considered as a transitional life-form by evolutionists.) Paleontologists, including Darwinists, now agree that there are too many structural differences for Archaeopteryx to be the ancestor of modern birds.

Bambiraptor - This fossil, found in Montana in 1993, was about the size of a chicken, with sharp teeth and claws, and a long tail (resembling the Velociraptor of "Jurassic Park" fame). The "real-life" drawings and models of Bambiraptor show hair-like projections on the body and feathers on the forelimbs. It was proclaimed to be the "remarkable missing link between birds and dinosaurs." But nothing remotely resembling feathers was found with the fossil. the hair-like projections and feathers are imaginary. The reconstructions gave Bambiraptor "scruffy" feathers and made it as birdlike as possible because the artist assumed its position between dinosaurs and birds. One leading ornithologist has predicted that the whole dino-bird theory will turn out to be "the greatest embarrassment of paleontology of the 20th century."

Archaeoraptor - This fossil was purchased for $80,000 at an Arizona mineral show and was heralded as "the missing link between terrestrial dinosaurs and birds that could actually fly." The fossil, supposedly smuggled out of China, had the forelimbs of a primative bird and the tail of a dinosaur. It was the feature story in the November 1999 National Geographic magazine. It turns out that Archaeoraptor had the transitional features that Darwinists were looking for because a clever forger had fabricated it that way Knowing it would bring big bucks in the fossil market). Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing proved that the specimen consisted of a dinosaur tail glued to the body of a primative bird. National Geographic printed a retraction. "

When Darwinists really get desperate, they create a missing link, as in the case of the "Piltdown Man." As Bickel and Jantz write:

" For more than 40 years, Darwinists believed they had found the missing link. In 1912 an amateur geologist by the name of Charles Dawson discovered fossil evidence of a creature with the jaw of an ape and the skull of a human. Dawson called his creature "Piltdown man" and promptly brought it to the British museum, where scientists announced to the world that the elusive transitional link between apes and man had been found.

What the world didn't know was that Piltdown man was a hoax. Someone had cleverly taken the jaw of an ape and the skull of a man and combined the two. The sad part of this story is that the Piltdown fossil fooled the experts in spite of indications that it was a fake, since it fit Darwin's theory. This so-called "evidence" that man had descended from apes was taught in schools around the world for 40 years until the fraud was universally exposed and acknowledged. "

And so it goes. There have been many "missing link discoveries" over the years, but none of them proved factual, and none of them ever will. There is no missing link. It's time to ditch this comic book stuff, of evolving from slime to man, and wake up to reality. The reality that a universe so vast- billions of galaxies - did not happen by chance. And the reality of the human brain and the human eye being so complex - that they could not have evolved. Wake up and realize there is a God who created everything and is running the whole show. Believe me, it is better to come to grips with this fact now, then to stick your head in the sand and continue your anti-God lifestyle. Whether you believe it or not, someday you will meet God face to face, and you better have some good answers ready.

By George Konig

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