R Rated Cartoons?

Recently I rented a childís cartoon movie called "The Powerpuff Girls, The Dream Scheme", and watched it with my 5-year-old granddaughter. If you are not familiar with the Powerpuff Girls, they are 3 sweet-faced role models for our young children. But while watching this movie, I observed an unbelievable volume of violence, gore, gruesomeness, frightening displays of mutilation, and decapitation. What do you think of this? Is this a feel-good film for your child? The following are some of the highlights of one segment of the movie.

The Powerpuff Girls are fighting a large elephant-looking monster, who shoots a wad of yellow phlegm out of his trunk at Buttercup, one of the girls. Buttercup then licks the phlegm off her face with her large tongue, and then proceeds to destroy the monster. The monster who is quite large falls against, and destroys many buildings in the city, which would leave us to believe many people were killed in these buildings. Buttercup is reeking from the monsterís phlegm but refuses to take a bath, and is kicked out of her house.

Buttercup then meets up with a large human-looking monster with one eye. After the monster destroys several more buildings, Buttercup punches the monster in the head, knocking the head completely off. The head rolls down the street, still alive. The head then grows two legs and runs away. The headless body now splits itself in half from top to bottom, showing its inner parts. Each half of the body has one arm and one leg, and each half grows another head (these heads have two eyes).

The two half-body monsters are now hopping around trying to kill Butercup with their huge fists. They come across a septic truck that is siphoning out port-a-potties along a city street. On the side of the truck has the wording: Bob's Septic World, We're full of it! One of the half monsters smashes the truck with his fist. A brown colored substance flies out of the truck (guess what that substance is) and completely engulfs Buttercup. She is now reeking from sewerage plus phlegm.

The two half monsters battle with Buttercup and get their arms tangled up into a knot. To free themselves, they pull against each other until the arms pull out of the sockets, showing more inside body parts. Buttercup then laughs as the two half monsters hop down the street with mutilated bodies.

She then goes to school, but because of her odor, her teacher breaks the fire alarm glass, and sets off the alarm, as an excuse to get the kids out of the building, away from the stink.

The next scene shows Buttercup walking through a park with several stray dogs, and one dog is sniffing the behind of another.

As Buttercup flies through the air leaving an odor throughout the city, the people revolt, form a torch-carrying mob led by the Mayor. They confront Buttercup, telling her to take a bath, or who knows what will happen. She is then chased out of the city by the mob and growling dogs, and ends up on a cliff overlooking the ocean. A large dragon looking monster comes out of the ocean and shoots fire at Buttercup with his nostrils. When the dragon inhales, he sucks Buttercup into his nose, but because of her odor, blows her back out, along with more phlegm, and submerges back into the water in defeat.

Buttercup then finally concedes to take a bath to get her friends back which was the point of the story.

Here we have a childís cartoon dealing with feces, urine, phlegm, mutilation, and decapitation. I donít think I have to tell you my opinion on this and other so-called cartoons, but if this "innocent" childís cartoon isnít a sign of the coming violence and tribulation the Bible predicts, than what is?

By George Konig
Christian Internet Forum
July 13, 2003

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