The Brain - Did it Evolve, or was it Created?

The human brain is the most complex structure that is known to exist. One of the best arguments against evolution is the complexity of the human brain. The following comes from Grant Jeffrey's book "Creation:"

"Dr. Isaac Asimov, the late bio-chemist and atheist, wrote about the complex nature of the human brain in the science journal "Smithsonian:" "In man is a three pound brain which, as far as we know, is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe."

The complexity and intricate order found in the human brain almost defies our comprehension. When we consider the remarkable new discoveries in the last few decades regarding the powerful computational and memory capabilities of the brain, we feel an overwhelming sense of wonder at the glories of God's creation. Professors Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe wrote in their book "Evolution From Space:"

"The human brain consists of about ten thousand million nerve cells. Each nerve cell puts out between ten thousand and one hundred thousand connecting fibers by which it makes contact with other nerve cells in the brain. Altogether the total number of connections in the human brain approaches 10 to the 15th power, or a thousand million million. Numbers in the order of 10 to the 15th power are of course completely beyond comprehension."

The hundred billion neurons in our brain are intricately linked to each other in the most intricate and complex network in the known universe. Every one of these billions of neurons is connected to other neurons in a staggering number of complicated inter-connections. Every single neuron is directly connected with more than fifty thousand other neurons through the incredibly small fibers, called dendrites, allowing instantaneous transfers of messages across your brain. There are more than one quadrillion intricate electrical connections, or synapses, within the brain, making it the most phenomenally complex machinery scientists have discovered in the Universe. Incredibly, although this awesome network of billions of interconnected neurons is the most powerful computer known to science, it exists within the one hundred billion neuron cells that comprise only 10 percent of the three pounds of cells that make up the human brain. The other 90 percent of our brain is composed of almost a trillion glial cells that were previously assumed to perform only a supporting function to the neurons. Recent research, however, suggests that the trillion glial cells may play a very important function in the staggering number of calculations performed by the brain every second.

In less than one second, your brain can calculate the trajectory of a football thrown at thirty miles an hour toward you by your friend without any prior warning whatsoever. Your brain instantly calculates your position and the ball's trajectory, and sends detailed electronic messages to the muscles in your arms and legs at more than three hundred miles a second to move you into position to catch the ball. Despite billions of dollars and fifty years of advanced research on the brain by computer scientists seeking to duplicate its functions, there is no computer on Earth that can equal this marvelous instantaneous computing that is required to allow you to catch a football! Any fair minded observer will conclude that the awesomely designed human brain must have been designed and created by God exactly as revealed in the Bible."

So if any clown comes up to you and starts preaching Darwinism and evolution, ask him how his brain evolved with billions of interconnected neurons - from a piece of slime.

And if you think the three pound brain is a wonder, wait to you hear about the complexity of the one ounce eyeball, another of God's amazing creations. Even Darwin himself confessed that the intricate engineering displayed in the human eye was so specialized and complex that he could not begin to imagine how the eye might have developed through the evolutionary processes of natural selection (Charles Darwin, "The Origin of Species").

By George Konig
June 18, 2006

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