Abortion, the 900 Billion Dollar Business, and the Deception

The following article came from the Omega Letter written by Jack Kinsella, on the Hal Lindsey website.

"According to recent polls, including a new gallop Poll, the national support for abortion in the United States is waning. Ten years ago, support for abortion was in the high 60's. The Gallop Poll indicates that figure is hovering around 50 percent.

The abortion issue is the political campaign tool of choice among socialists/liberals. Abortion is big business, worth about 900 billion a year. Don't let the enormity of that figure drown out its significance. Millions, billions, trillions, they are numbers we hear all the time. They roll off our minds like water from a ducks back. We have no frame of reference against which to measure 900 billion so it fades into the 'white noise' of ones mind. Lets' consider those numbers differently. Few of us (if any) can grasp the difference between one million and one billion. When we work with dollars, they are in tens, hundreds, and thousands. Numbers higher than that fall into a different category, like 20 year vs. 30 year mortgages. A stack of money big enough to buy a house is not something we can picture easily in our minds. Instead, lets consider it in values we are more familiar with, like time.

A million seconds from now equals 12 days. We can get a handle on that.

A billion seconds from now equals 32 years.

Abortion is a business doing 900 billion a year. (which is pretty close, so to speak, to a trillion)

A trillion seconds from now equals 32,000 years.

So, the left embraces abortion because without the abortion lobby's money, the only issue they have to shop around for special-interest donations, is their opposition to a war they both supported and authorized. (If one only has a single issue around which to build an opposition, it helps if you didn't vote for it.)

The science of semantics proves its effectiveness when one considers its application to the abortion 'debate'. I set off 'debate' in quotes because the whole controversy is based in deception. Consider the wide range of results in the various abortion polls. Americans are happy enough to identify themselves as 'pro-choice'--but that number drops dramatically when they are asked to identify themselves as 'pro-abortion'. If asked if they support the killing of a million and a half unborn children a year, the answer is an overwhelming no. Frame the same question around 'women’s rights' or 'individual liberties' and abortion, 'rights' suddenly enjoys majority support.

Use the right words, and the majority of people are suddenly incapable of making the mental connection between a woman’s 'right to choose' and the death of an innocent child.

It is no secret that the majority of abortions are conducted as a matter of convenience. Abortion proponents claim the right of abortion is necessary to protect the health of women, or in cases of rape or incest. It has nothing to do with protecting the 900 billion abortion industry. After all, the Democrats are there to protect 'choice' for the LITTLE people--while keeping those who advocate choices other than abortion away from abortion clinics. It is the Republicans that is the party of Big Business, the Party of Corruption, The Party of Liars, etc., etc.

According to a 2004 AGI study on abortion statistics, 67% chose abortion simply because they did not want the inconvenience of a child, another 8% because the liked their sexual partner well enough to sleep with them, but not well enough to have a child with them. 7% because they were still children themselves and just too young to be a parent, 7% due to stated (whether real or imaginary) health concerns, either of the mother or the fetus, and 4% because it would interfere with their career path.

Only .5% were due to rape or incest, .5% to conceal an otherwise secret relationship and 5% for reasons unstated. Taken together, fully 90 percent of all abortions (about 1.15 million a year) are the result of a woman's right to choose to have sex without consequences...

The Bible says that the springboard that propels the antichrist to power is his ability to manipulate the truth and deceive the masses into believing he is the messiah (read 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9). It also exposes the social worldview that will make his deception possible: "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be dammed who BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, but had PLEASURE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS." (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

The same kind of social worldview that can find a distinction worthy of debate between the concepts of pro-choice and pro-abortion--depending on how one frames the question."

By George Konig
February 5, 2006

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